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Raiver is registered company under company formation act. Raiver registered name in MOC is Raiver Infotech Private Limited. we are service based company situated in Jharkhand. our registered office is in Bokaro and Branch office in Ranchi Jharkhand.

We are currently working on talent acquisition. our main moto is to give career opportunity to educated candidate, those who completed their education and searching out for career opportunity.

We have different kind of training programs through which we enhance student skills and show them a way through which they can start their professional journey.

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Our Courses

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Crafting Excellence: Discover the Diversity within Our Course Offerings.

Info-Banking Programme

A banking career can offer stability opportunity for career advancement and a chance to work in a dynamic industry.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the use of digital channels, platforms, and technologies to promote and advertise products.

Career Plus Programme

Career plus programme aim to enhance various aspects of an individual's personality and overall self-presentation.

Flight Pro

These courses cover a range of skills, including customer service, communication, baggage handling, safety procedures.


This course aims to providing detailed knowledge in VLSI design process starting from digital design, hardware descriptive.

HR Management & Analytics

Human resource is one the best career option for those who wants to stability and growth on their career.

Best online courses with a 100% job placement assistance at a minimum fee structure.

Join Us For Your Bright Future In Top MNC'S With Minimum Package.

Make your career bright with our training programs.

Why Choose Us

When Excellence Matters: Choose Raiver

Our curriculum blends practical knowledge, expert guidance, and hands-on learning for a transformative educational journey. Join us to unlock your potential and thrive.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the guidance of seasoned professionals and industry experts who are committed to helping you and mentoring you throughout your learning journey.

Career-Focused Approach

Choose our course for a career-focused approach that aligns with industry demands.

Future-Ready Skills

Stay competitive in a rapidly evolving job market by choosing an educational path that prepares you for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

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What Our Students Say's

Success Stories Unveiled: The Impact of Our Education on Our Students


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